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Welcome To The Auction Center

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Ext Bong

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Welcome Community of Simplicity,

We have set up an auction center for you guys to buy and cell your goods, like a real auction. You will reply with your "bid" to whoever is selling a good or valuable. From there the highest bidder will win the auction!

There will be a set of rules for this, as it could lead to a lot of spamming, fake auctions, and post farming. So the rules will be as follows:

1. Do not bid if you do not have the money.
2. Do not auction an item if you do not have it.
3. If the final Bid is lower than you expect, you will still HAVE TO SELL IT, that's the point of an auction.
4. The auction will be 2 days exactly after your post, if you are not on time (within a few hours) your bid auction will be hidden and you will be given a warning point.

Auctions will be hidden after they are completed. Now that that is settled, here is the format to all of you that will be auctioning your items:


In game name: Ext Bong

Item Up for Auction: Blowpipe

Starting price: 800m

Time: 10:30pm (time of last bid)

From there the final bidder will be able to buy his prize in game, later I will be incorporating a "feedback" section to see how good the player starting the auction actually is with getting back to the player and selling the item for the price auctioned.

Take care, Ext Bong

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