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What do you all do for jobs? I work at a glass factory on 2nd shift. The company is called Cardinal glass and we produce around 90% of North America with home window glass.
My Goal progress post is ​Here.



    Buddha's Master

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I'm a stone mason, I pick up rocks, and I put them down.

Credit goes to Activate for Signature! Thank you!



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I've been unemployed for the past three days due to quitting my previous job. However, I start my new 'career' today - it's a factory dedicated to manufacturing automobile parts for the Toyota plant located an hour or so away in the next state over  :).

Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne

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I work at Dairy Queen :(

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Prestiging is cheating, true skillers don't need to cheat to get Slayer and Dungeoneering EXP ;)



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weilder, at F&P




    Rock Crab (level: 13)

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I'm an supermarket Manager
Work 40 hours an week!




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I'm a university student but during the summer I work for my local hospital foundation :D



Edit: Wow just realized i grave-digged hard on this mb

"In every man sleeps a Prophet, and when he wakes there is a little more evil in the world"



RIP Buddha, 04-28-17 <3 




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I currently work as an apprentice at a distribution center



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I am Quality manager in steel structures company which have 8 factories around world and one of my responsibilities are welding coordinator for all factories

Hello world! Have fun!



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I have an online store and I sell different accessories. I earn a little but it's enough for me. I love what I do) Now I want to create my own application that will help me manage the site. I found a firm with good professionals http://s-pro.io/ . In the future, I plan to sell this application to the same owners of online stores) I like that I am my own boss) I think this is the best in my work.

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