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Dripz Poor Bank

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  • Username(s):Dripz
  • Clan:The Boys
  • Location:Scotland
  • Time Online: 21d 14h 43m 27s

Dripz is Poor Bye bye Clue items Not gambled whats so ever :) :(




http://prntscr.com/eyth1o this one is my good tab other nex items are on the other account and more items :(

#My Poor Bank

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Tehh Cow

Tehh Cow

    Server Support

  • Server Support

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Very nice amount of wealth with an incredible clue item tab. I got one question though: How did you make your money without gambling? Willus also has a massive bank and stated that he never gambled, but I don't really see either of you pvm. Did you donate for your money or something? Spill the beans!

Pink Grapes

Pink Grapes


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    Abyssal Demon (level: 124)

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  • Username(s):Oi
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Seems most obvious... 

Hello world! Have fun!



    King Black Dragon (level: 276)

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  • Username(s):Haantje30
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You are poor

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  • Username(s):Willus, William, Airjordan
  • Time Online: 15d 2h 13m 2s
Lol why do people automatically assume our banks are spawned, just because we don't do anything now doesn't mean we didn't work hard for it. :P

The only reason you don't see us doing anything now is because we've grinded a huge bank and literally have nothing to do anymore.
The time that you all spend on skilling, we use it to grind pvming on 3 chars. That's why my rank in the hiscores is so low. Rip.



    Ruby Donator

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Another uncle tom bank lel, one day I'll have something closed to that


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