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Dylan's Support Application

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In-game Name: Dylandopp


Timezone: UTC-08:00 (B.C, Canada)


Age: I'm 18 years old.


Staff Experience (Please do not disclose server names:)


About a year ago I landed a Support position and eventually worked my way up to Head Admin in game and Co-Owner on the forums. Also, like 4+ years ago I was Admin on a smaller server, but I don't really like to count that lol.

Position you wish to acquire:



 How long have you played Simplicity?

A few months now.

Have you ever been warned or infracted by a staff member on Simplicity?

Yeah, I used a VPN to vote when the server first came out, not knowing it could potentially get the server banned from the voting sites.

What 5 qualities do you feel you possess that will make you an exemplary Simplicity staff member?

1) I have become very familiar with all sorts of RSPS' over a couple years since I found out about them.

2) I am always constantly going out of my way to help people, and I don't stop until their problem is resolved.

3) Being as young as I am I tend to connect really well with people my age or younger than me.

4) I can put out around 5-10 hours a day when I'm not working, maybe 4-5 when I am.

5) I get along with basically everyone, but I can still crack down on people when they're breaking the rules.


* In 3 short paragraphs, why do you feel you are right for the position you wish to acquire?:

I feel this question is very similar to the above question, but anyways  :P


I hate disappointing people, so I try my best to solve everyone's problems (a gift and a curse) and exceed order's that have been given to me. I just get this sense of accomplishment every time I help someone.


I am a fairly smart person, which gives me the ability to make quick on the spot decisions that won't disappoint. Also, I have very good communication skills so a lot of my friends come to me when they need someone to talk to.


I love to interact with the community, such as playing Hide and Seek, doing giveaways, drop parties, anything really that gets everyone on the server together and having fun.

* What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?:


I hope to be known as that guy to go to if you ever need someone to talk to, or if you need help with anything. Ultimately, I want people to know the staff are here to help and not just trying to look cool with the badge like on a lot of other servers I've played.

*If there is one rule you wish to change or address, what rule would it be? (You can answer N/A if not applicable)


Nothing too important, but the "A.1 Gravedigging" rule where it states commenting on a post older than 30 days is considered spam I personally don't think should be a rule unless what you're posting is actual spam. I only say this incase there's (for example) a guide that's older than 30 days that you have a question on, you wouldn't be able to comment your question without it being considered an infraction.


* How do you feel about respect, loyalty, and rule enforcement as a staff member?:


All three are very important when it comes to helping people. Because if you don't respect everyone, chances are those people aren't going to feel like they can ask you for help. Staying loyal to the community will also show people they can trust you and ask you whatever's on their mind. Rule enforcement is a big one, because most people when they first get staff, they go around acting like they own the place and banning people cause they said an f bomb or something stupid. Enforcing rules properly is something most people can't do, either they're too nice about it, or they're too harsh. You have to find that happy-medium that will get stuff done, but not give the server a bad name.



Thank you in for taking the time to read my application.




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Good luck man.




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Accepted. Welcome to the team!


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